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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 


CobWeb Marketing and Much More

Updated on 19 April 2014:
  "CobWeb Marketing and much more" in Mountain Home, Idaho is open for business.  Our website is located at  We can help you with your everyday problems, work through tough solutions and get you back to what is important in your life.   We want to help! 

You are here: Idaho Business

Idaho Business News

About Idaho Business News:
This section deals mainly with Mountain Home business but I also expand my horizons and cover news from Boise or other areas of Idaho.  Business news items I like to cover are store openings, closings and opinions.


Moved to Bondy Blogs

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The BondyWeb.Com is moving to a new domain, website and platform on 01 January, 2014.  The new website won't be any better for you, the reader.  But it will be better for me, the author, writer and maintainer of my personal website. 

This website, BondyWeb.Com, will remain active, readable and full of old great content but you'll not see any updates.
All updates, new posts and new stories can be seen on the BondyBlogs.Com website where my traditional rock hounding, gold panning and outrageous adventures will be chronicled.

So head on over to the website too see what's new:


Tim Bondy

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 December 2013 14:29

Hope You Had a Great Halloween 2013

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Addie enjoyed Halloween 2013.  Thanks to all the parents and children who came by, got some treats and petted my knuckle-headed dog.  She loved it!

Hopefully we'll see you next year.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 November 2013 08:01

Views From the Fall Harvest Fest 2013

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Mt Home Harvest Festival

Mountain Home, Idaho celebrates the end of the harvest season with an annual festival every October. The 17th Annual Fall Harvest Festival was held on October 5th, 2013. The BondyWeb.Com went to it and this my review.
The Great, the Bad and the Ugly Harvest
I parked in downtown Mountain Home around 12:15PM or about 2 hours after the Harvest Festival kicked-off. The crowds didn't appear to be as big as last year but what would they expect without any true local promotion on the internet?
My 1st stop was the new fly fishing shop in town called Off The Hook Fly Fishing. Always fun to stop in to get some tips on where the trout are biting. I wasn't disappointed but will let you stop in this shop to get the latest info. No really, do it!
Address: 310 E 2nd N St, Mountain Home, ID 83647
Musicians from Harvest Festival













I walked all the streets where booths and vendors were set up. Maybe it was the cool weather or maybe no one knew about the 2013 Harvest Festival but there were very few booths and vendors this year. Really disappointing for me as I enjoy all these entrepreneurs selling their stuff.

There were a few new and memorable booths but for the most part, the vendors were either the same as last year or the usual "farmers market" vendors. I was asked a number of times if I knew where the Dinner with a Farmer and scarecrow contest was located. I didn't and neither did most people. Never a good sign when "the crowd" cannot find events in our downtown area.
Food For "Scarce-Crows?
Food is one of those things people look forward to when going to any festival but when it's a "harvest festival", I envision foods of all kinds, especially with a local flavor. But that wasn't the case at this festival...Food vendors were scarce. Obviously not the organizers fault but you'd think local restaurants would make an strong showing. And where was that "Dinner for a Farmer" event anyway?
Cacicia’s Old World Sicilian Food Truck
The highlight of the day was my second food truck experience ever. The first food truck I ever ate at was a mobile taco stand in downtown Boston, MA back in 2007 and it was excellent. With the lack of food vendors at the 2013 Mountain Home Harvest Festival, I decided to splurge and eat at Cacicia's (Kah-She-Shuhs) Old World Sicilian Food Truck that was here for the event. ( I had their Festival Special Called "Blu Cheese Philly Steak Sandwich". It was tasty but a little more Philly steak would have made it worth the $8.50 price tag.
Been Here Before and Reviewed It Before
I complained the City of Mountain Home didn't promote the October 5th 2013 Fall Harvest Festival in my previous post. So I decided someone should care enough to review this event I reviewed back in 2010 at this link:
Chamber of Commerce Fails Too
Chamber of Commerce Mountain Home Idaho
The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2013 Fall Harvest Festival and their local on-line promotion was almost as underwhelming as that found on the city website. F.A.I.L
The Scorecard - 5 Stars or Worse
Festival Food: 1 Star
Festival Entertainment: 4 Stars
Festival Booths or Vendors: 2 Stars
Overall 2013 Harvest Festival Rating: 2 Stars
Thanks for reading and come back soon.
Tim Bondy / BondyWeb.Com
Last Updated on Sunday, 06 October 2013 10:22

The City of Mountain Home Failed in Awesome Way

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Think way back to September 6th, 2013 or less than 1 month ago when I posted a story right here flaming the City and our Mayor Tom Rist. Why? Because he/they/it indicated the city dropped the ball when promoting the biggest event in City of Mountain Home this year. That event of course was Air Force Appreciation Day or AFAD.








It's now Friday night, October 4th, 2013 and we are less than 1 day from the start of the Fall Harvest Festival held in the streets of downtown Mountain Home. And with Mayor Tom Rist and the rest of our elected officials thinking they are doing a crack job for the citizens, people are looking for something to do in the Mountain Home area on Saturday October 5th, 2013.

Find It They Might
And how did the City of Mountain Home, Idaho advertise/publicize and/or promote the 2013 Annual Fall Harvest Festival? With another extremely underwhelming paragraph on the back page of their waste of money website.










17th Annual Fall Harvest Festival
October 5, 2013 10:00am-3:00pm
Each fall, local and regional vendors line Mountain Home downtown sidewalks, streets are blocked off for entertainment and Mountain Home celebrates its' harvest! There will be activities for the whole family, Dinner on a Farmer, Pie Baking Contest, Hayrides, Scarecrow Festival, Craft Vendors, Live Entertainment and More!! For more information call Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce at 587-4334









Damn It...And I Mean Damn It in the Best Possible Way
So, why do I care, damn it?
Because I live in the City of Mountain Home, Idaho, damn it.
Because I pay taxes to support the City of Mountain Home, Idaho, damn it.
Because I damn well think the people of Mountain Home deserve better.
Because if just 1 unplanned visitor goes to the Harvest Festival, the businesses and City will be better for it, damn it.
Because a damn City website should tell people what the hell is going on.
Because I don't think dropping the ball 2 times in a 30 day period is acceptable, damn it.
Because communication is important to some people but "it's not the City's job to communicate" damn it?


Fail, Fail, Fail
The City of Mountain Home gets an F-, a complete failing grade in promoting City events on their website. How hard could it really be to write an interesting story with some pictures, a map of the events and general info for the citizens, tourists and unsuspecting visitors? I know, I know who the heck cares?

Thanks for reading!



Last Updated on Saturday, 05 October 2013 05:33

Advertise Your Business on the BondyWeb Website

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(Last Updated: 20 January 2012)

Want people in Idaho to see your business? I have a good opportunity for you. Advertise your business on the BondyWeb and see if you get any business from it. The cost is rather high at $40.00 but you get a banner prominently displayed on every page of my website.

This is how it works
1. We agree to the $40 fee for the 1st month.
2. I create a small banner like you see on the front of this website. Or you can create it and send it to me.
3. The banner will be linked to:
- A “business highlight page”. This is a webpage that contains basic information about your business. This information will be provided by you but formatted for the Internet by me. Or...
- A link to your current business website.
4. An article published on the front page of this website. I would prefer to come to your business, interview you, take some video and pictures and then write up a story.
5. After 1 month, the ad will end but can be republished each month at $55.
6. This is an all cash offer only to defray the costs maintaining this website for the last 4 years.

The Banner You Get

Sample Banner Ad on the BondyWeb for Boise and Mountain Home

(size 220 px by 120 px)

Why Would You Do This?
I really don't know why you would do this. In reality you should already have a business website and be marketing it to its fullest. But if you would like to give this a try, I believe your business will gain some benefits from advertising on the BondyWeb. I make no promises or guarantees other than your advertisement will be there 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 30 straight days.

Who Visits the BondyWeb website?
A fair number of people visit this website each day. During the 1st 19 days of January 2012, I had over 1,400 unique visitors and almost 3,000 total readers. Google tells me about 80% of my visitors come from the Boise and Mountain Home, Idaho area.

The Truth is Out There
So, there you have it. I don't have a huge number of visitors but the people who would see your ad are pretty local and have an interest in the local area. You could probably do better at the Mountain Home News website but I offer a loyal following of people interested in outdoor activities and to a lesser extent political issues.

Get Your Exclusive Ad
Just contact me using my Contact Us form. I will get back to you and will start the whole process of getting you noticed on the Internet.


Tim and Toni Bondy
Owner/Operator of the BondyWeb

Last Updated on Friday, 20 January 2012 22:13

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