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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

You are here: Idaho Facts

Facts, Stats and Info about Mountain Home Idaho

About the Idaho Facts and Statistics section:
The Bondyweb website is always looking at learning new things about Idaho, Boise and more specifically, Mountain Home. In this section (born on August 8th, 2008) I will present facts and statistics in a graphical format.

If you would like to see other data presented here let me know and I will try to find the data or statistics and present them for our viewers.


Elmore County Land Fill Hours and Location

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Idaho's Elmore County Landfill near Mountain Home

  • Raise your virtual arm if you don't know when the Elmore County Landfill is open.
  • Raise your virtual arm if you have tried to find the phone number for the landfill.
  • Raise your virtual arm if you are sick of searching for information about our Elmore County landfill and want this information available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • But as I was told recently, Elmore County doesn't have the money nor skills to post this on the internet.  So give them a call if you need this info.  No reason for the Bondyweb to do the job of the local government.

Map of the location of the Elmore County Landfill in Idaho

View Larger Map

Things I didn't know about our landfill:
Landfill ID #: 2167
Date Landfill Opened: 1988
Date Landfill Might Close: 2070

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 15:45

Idaho History Website to Explore

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The South Fork Revue Website

South Fork Revue website

I admit it!  I knew nothing about the history of Idaho but that is slowly changing, thanks in part, to the "South Fork Revue" website.  The author, Evan Filby, gave up is day job as a scientist and teacher to explore his other interests.  History is one of these interests.   Here are some of the subjects he covers and some snippets:

1.  Lewis and Clark:  "Two days later, they gazed at the Bitterroots and realized that they were stuck. Lewis noted that the mountains "were perfectly covered with snow. The Indians inform us that the snow is yet so deep on the mountains that we shall not be able to pass them untill the next full moon or about the first of June;"

2.  The Fur Trade Era:  "The HBC's long honeymoon finally ended in the fall of 1824, when Alexander Ross led the Snake Brigade. They had camped near where the Pahsimeroi River empties into the Salmon. Then a "pilaged and destitute" band of his trappers straggled into camp ... and they were not alone. "

3.  Gold! Rush & Settlement:
  "On August 2, 1862, a party led by George Grimes discovered gold in the Boise Basin, deep in the rugged wilderness around the upper forks of the Boise River."

If you have any interest in Idaho history give this website an hour of your time to get a feel of how we grew into the 43rd State.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this story.

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 February 2010 00:17

Interesting Visit to the Mountain Home Museum

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Mountain Home Museum Pioneer Kitchen Display
Click for a bigger/better photo

Have a spare hour? Why not visit our Mountain Home Museum. That's exactly what I did recently. After a quick trip to the County Court House I decided to “revisit” the museum. I've only been there once before but this 2nd trip was much more interesting.

Why “More Interesting”?
The 1st time I was at the museum, I was a greenhorn Mountain Homey. I didn't know the difference between the Bengoechea Hotel building and the High School. This time, I knew better and could really appreciate the history of Mountain Home. If it's been a few years since you've visited our local museum, then it might be time to head back.

Picture of Mountain Home Idaho from the 1800's
Click for a bigger photo

What I Liked the Most
The museum has quite a collection of photographs from a time long since forgotten. I gained a sense of how life in Mountain Home was 100 years ago. Seeing how people dressed, how they did business and just how much life has changed for us “modern” citizens was enlightening. I also appreciated the small rock and Native American arrowhead collection. Overall, the 45 minutes I spent at the Mountain Home Museum was quite enjoyable.

Mountain Home Museum Website:
See 4 of the Photos I Took:


Last Updated on Sunday, 12 June 2011 10:02

What Do You Drive Idaho?

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Top 5 Vehicles Idahoan's Drive
Chances are you are driving some kind of Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Toyota if you live in the Gem State according to the Idaho Department of Transportation. As a matter of fact there is a 70% chance that if you are reading this post you are driving one of the above makes of cars or trucks.

Here are some Idaho statistics from 2007 showing what we drive...or at least what we register at our local DMV office.

Top 10 Idaho Vehicles Total Number
FORD 243,968
DODGE 118,301
TOYOTA 105,932
GMC 64,351
HONDA 59,992
PONTIAC 44,201
NISSAN 41,756
JEEP 36,030
SUBARU 33,831

Graphing the Idaho Vehicle Preference

Vehicle statistics for Idaho

I found some interesting numbers when it comes to the type of cars and trucks we buy. In 2007 there were:
  • 1,025 Hummers lumbering down our roads.
  • 23 Desoto's registered in Idaho.
  • 22 Rolls Royce's cruising down the street while drinking champaign?
  • 11 sporty Maserati's speeding past you at some time or another.

What kind of car or truck do the readers of this website drive? Leave Tim Bondy a comment and we'll all know.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 March 2009 09:27

Interstate 84 Traffic Counts Statistics

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Average daily Mountain Home area traffic count on Interstate 84

 Mtn Home Traffic Count

How many vehicles do you thinks pass by Mountain Home each day on Interstate 84? 5,000 cars and trucks? 10,000? 20,000? Maybe 50,000 vehicles a day? The answer to this question can be found by hitting the Idaho Transportation Department website.

The Answer
The answer to how many vehicles pass by Mountain Home each day on Interstate 84 is:
Exit 90: 20,000 vehicles
Exit 95: 16,000 vehicles
Exit 99: 12,500 vehicles

This means we have almost 6 MILLION cars and trucks pass by our fair city each year. For local businesses, the next question might be, "How can I get some of that traffic to veer right, get off the freeway and visit my business?"

Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment on this story,

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com webmaster

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 December 2009 02:25

Costly Idaho Races

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Quick Stats

So, you want to be a US Congressperson or Senator from Idaho? Better have deep pocket and rich friends. And if you really want to win that race you better outspend your opponents by a significant amount.

Here is the election spending as of approximately the middle of October 2008.

Idaho District 1 House Seat
Winner:  Democrat Walt Minnick: $2,298,776
Loser:  Republican Bill Sali : $982,442
Yearly Salary of US Congressmen: $169,300
Terms of Office: 2 Years

Idaho's US Senate Seat
Winner:  Republican Jim Risch $3,042,892
Loser:  Democrat Larry Larocco $1,324,039
Yearly Salary of US Senator $169,300
Term of Office: 6 Years


Last Updated on Monday, 10 November 2008 23:04

Trees of Elmore County Idaho

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Take a walk through the mountains of Elmore County! What type of trees will you find? Can you tell the difference between a Douglas Fir and a Ponderosa Pine? Have you even heard of a tree called an Engelmann Spruce?

Here is what the US Forest Service found in Elmore County when it comes to the shear number of trees in our area.


Tree Species Tree Numbers
Douglas-fir 15,867,448
Ponderosa 14,310,241
True fir 22,127,135
Engelmann spruce 89,044
Lodgepole pine 2,112,845
Other 2,792,734
Cottonwood and aspen 15,943,271



Read About the Trees in Elmore County
Douglas Fir:
Ponderosa Pine:
Engelmann Spruce:
Lodgepole Pine:
Aspen Tree:


Last Updated on Sunday, 01 March 2009 09:27

Idaho is a Cheesy State – The Stats

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Cheese Statistics - Idaho

Idaho is cheesy and so is Wisconsin and California. But it not what you think. Idaho is the third “cheesiest” state in the United States. I was surprised to find out from the Department of Agriculture that Idaho ranks 3rd in the US for the total production of cheese for September 2008.

Mountain Home's Marathon Cheese Corp

The Idaho Cheese City?
Could Mountain Home, Idaho be considered the “Cheesehead Capitol” of Idaho? Why not! We have the Marathon Cheese factory located right here. Can you think of any other city in Idaho that has a the cheesy resources we have?

When I Think Cheese
When I think of “cheese”, I use to think of Wisconsin, Vermont, and New York cheeses. I don't think that anymore. Here are the cheese statistics.

Third Place
As you see above, Idaho ranks third in total cheese production but I wouldn't expect us to jump in the Cheese Rankings any time soon. We'll have to settle for being the third cheesiest state. But I can live with that.


Last Updated on Sunday, 09 November 2008 00:23

Weather Statistics – Mountain Home, Idaho

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With the upcoming weekly forecast calling for dry conditions and no snow, I looked into what a normal year would look like in Mountain Home. It looks like we have already we have already gone over our normal 14.5 inches of snow for the season.

Raw Data for weather in Mountain Home, Idaho

MOUNTAIN HOME, IDAHO                          
Month in Mountain Home Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Average Max. Temperature (F) 37.8 44.4 53.9 63.6 72.8 81.9 92.5 90.6 80.1 67.3 50.1 39.5 64.5
Average Min. Temperature (F) 19.5 23.9 28.5 34 41.2 48.2 55.1 52.5 43.5 34.6 26.6 21.1 35.7
Average Total Precipitation (in.) 1.27 0.95 1.03 0.88 0.93 0.72 0.31 0.23 0.49 0.76 1.17 1.24 9.97
Average Total SnowFall (in.) 5.4 3.3 1 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.2 3.2 14.5

Graphs for Mountain Home Weather

Mountain Home Snowfall Totals
 Max Daily Temperature in Mountain Home
 Minimum Daily Temperature in Mountain Home Idaho
 Rain and Snow in Mountain Home Idaho

  All data from the National Weather Servic.  Data collection period is from the years 1906 through 2007.


Last Updated on Monday, 12 January 2009 22:29

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