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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 

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Idaho Photos and Videos

Idaho Photos, Pictures, and Video Section:
Whenever I leave the house, I have my trusty digital camera with me.  Occasionally I will post some of the more interesting shots I take from the Mountain Home area.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

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Click for a better photo.

The Bondy's from Mountain Home, Idaho wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.  For those who are a little more “non-traditional” we wish you a Merry Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 and a darn good year of 2014.  :-)

As the weather hasn't been cooperating, we haven't be out exploring at all.  Hard to find cool rocks, minerals and gems when they are covered in snow.  But I promise to lead you on more Idaho trips in 2014. 

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 December 2013 08:00

The Fires From Mountain Home

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A cluster of thunderstorms moved through the Mountain Home area on the evening of Thursday August 8th, 2013.  And being an extremely dry year, these thunderstorms ignited quite a number of fires in the mountains north of Interstate 84.  By Friday morning at 7:30am Highway 20 leading north out of Mountain Home was closed due to these fires.

  Aug 2013 Fire Photo from Mountain Home Idaho

By mid-morning fire born cumulus clouds (CU), tower cumulus (TCU) clouds and possibly even a cumulus nimbus (CB) were forming over the intense heat and strong updrafts from one these wildfires.  And they were quite visible from Mountain Home.


The map above shows the 2 wildfire areas visible from Mountain Home and in my photo.  By early Saturday August 10th, 2013 both the Long Tom and Mudd fires seemed to be under control per the fire service websites.  And Highway 20 out of town reopened on Friday evening (Aug 9th).

No need to say this but I's a tinderbox out there.  Watch what you're doing and be ready to take action if you see fire while you are out in the mountains of Idaho.


Last Updated on Saturday, 10 August 2013 06:30

New Idaho Video's from Tim Bondy

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1.  Seafoam Road in the Challis National Forest ATV Video

Taken on the gravel roads northwest of Stanley Idaho on Sunday September 19th, 2010.  This area is quite scenic and the road into this portion of the National Forest gives you great access to the more wild spots of Idaho.  The Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness closely border this road giving you easier access to hiking trails and high mountain lakes.  Video is taken from the back of our Arctic Cat ATV.

Read my trip report on this trip at:

2.  Joesphus Lake Video

This video of Josephus Lake gives you an idea of of the semi-easy access to a high mountain lake northwest of Stanley Idaho.  Taken on the same day as the Seafoam Road video.  

3.  Mountain Home Idaho's Fall Harvest Festival

Video taken during the Fall Harvest Festival on Saturday October 2nd, 2010.  See an impromptu straight-line skate demo and the local band “Workin on Fire”.  The festival was held in downtown Mountain Home.  

Read my article about this event at:

I hope you enjoy these newly posted videos.  Please leave a comment...your e-mail address will be safe with me. I don't ever give out, rent, sell or divulge your information.       

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 October 2010 09:49

Elmore County Mystery Photo #4

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Where was this Elmore County Idaho Photo Taken?

Who's initials are carved in the tree?

To see the answer to this Mystery Phone, click the answer icon below.

 Elmore County Mystery Photo 4
Click to see a larger version of this photograph

- Dutch Em and Peg Leg Annie traveled by this spot.
- Elmore County declared a local disaster emergency to exist in this area a little over three years ago.
- Number 126.

Answer Can Be Found by Clicking Here or the icon below.

Answer to Mystery Photo

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 June 2009 11:58

Mountain Home Mystery Business

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 Mountai Home Idaho Beauty huh

The photo above was taken on October 15th, 2013. However, I can assure you, only the orientation of those Adirondack Chairs have changes in the last 13 months. Yes, that is the front entrance to this business. And, yes this business is still open and customers walk into that door each day it is open.

The City of Mountain Home posted this story about the mystery business.

"Beautification Grant
October 15, 2013 by jmcdaniel Leave a Comment
Chase Bank is giving away 13 $250,000 beautification grants to local businesses across the nation. The winners are decided by how many Facebook votes they get so if you have Facebook please click on the link below and vote! They have to have a minimum of 250 votes to qualify and we have 3 local business competing. Lane's Appliance, XXXXXXX XXXXX and Mountain Home Eye Care. You can vote for any or all of them but only one time each. Please help one of our local businesses win this!"

Can you guess where in Mountain Home, Idaho this photo was taken and what business it is?

This is Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho!


Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 20:09

Bennett Mountain Hosts the Supermoon

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photo of the Idaho Supermoon over Bennett Mountain
Click the photo for a bigger and retouched version.

(May 5th, 2012) The supermoon event of the year was held by the heavens over Idaho last night. I captured the event as it was heading west over Bennett Mountain at 10:20PM. This picture was taken at latitude/longitude 43.279192, -115.532426 on the Prairie Cut-Off- Road.

The moon was actually bright enough that I could semi-easily hike through the sagebrush steppe. If I was thinking, I would have brought my fishing pole and tried my luck in Long Tom Reservoir. Ooops.



Last Updated on Sunday, 06 May 2012 07:45

History - Murphy, Idaho Courthouse Old and New

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On Monday June 21st 2010, we headed out to southwestern Idaho for some more exploring.  On the way home we drove through the town of Murphy, Idaho which is the county seat of Owyhee County. I wondered  how old the courthouse really was and found out it was built around 1935.   How about a before and after comparison?

Old Time Picture of the Murphy Idaho Courthouse
Picture of the Murphy, Idaho Courthouse in 1940

Picture of the Murphy Courthouse on 21 June 2010
Picture of the Murphy Idaho courthouse in 2010

Where is Murphy, Idaho you ask?
Here is a link to the map

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this picture and/or photo article article.

Tim Bondy
The Bondyweb.Com author

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 June 2010 17:30

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