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Review of Idaho's Elmore County Fair 2012

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(Thursday July 19th, 2012) If you don't understand small town charm, the Elmore County Fair in Glenns Ferry will school you in the way it used to be way back when and you'll be glad for the education. I certainly enjoyed "going to the fair" for the first time in a long time. Read on to find out more...

Elmore County Fair Art and Painting Display
Elmore County Fair in Glenns Ferry Idaho

Mid-Week and Early Bird Special
I drove into the Elmore County Fairgrounds on Thursday at 12:00 Noon. I paid the more than reasonable $3.00 entrance fee and parked in the grass covered parking lot. All in all it took 5 minutes from the time I drove into the fairgrounds to the time I was "in the fair". In short, attending midweek during the day means you will avoid the crowds but also miss some of the entertainment.

Other Information
Link to the Elmore County Fair Website:

Link to photo from my "Fair" trip:

What I Saw

  • The "Beef Showmanship& Market Quality" judging. At least I suspect that was what I was watching.
  • Talked with the owner of "Simple Life Farm Alpacas". Nancy Brletic obviously has a real passion for her alpacas as she answered every question I had about these cool "fiber" animals.
  • Walked through the sheep and pig pens. Something I haven't done since the 1990's in Montana.
  • Walked through the "Elmore County Fair Exposition Building". Saw the 4-H exhibits and the "local goodies" (produce, jellies, jams) displays. Most excellent part of the fair.
  • The Food Court and Merchant area. The food court was pretty cool with chefs from as far away as Lewiston, Idaho selling their delights.
  • I walked into the Carnival area that wasn't open for the day yet.

Overall Appeal of Fair
There is good news and bad news. The bad news started outside the fairgrounds. I expected signs and arrows pointing to the entrance to the fairgrounds. There just wasn't any real signage and that seems rather weird to me as it doesn't cater to the drive-by tourist?

The good news was the fair itself. I really enjoyed the displays in the exposition buildings and viewing all the animals. Going early was good for me in two ways. First, it was a little cooler than the "after 6:00 PM" heat of the day. And second, the crowds or lack of crowds made browsing through everything quite simple.

Thanks to All
I wish to thank all the people who worked countless hours to putting on a great show for this guy. Hopefully my readers will head out to Glenns Ferry before the Fair ends on Sunday July 22nd, 2012



This blog post is dedicated to the friendly and cool folks in Stanley, Idaho where I can find cool articles about businesses and things to do in that area.



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