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Bogus Basin Skiing Trip Report

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 Showcase Chairlift at Bogus Basin

I went skiing at Bogus Basin Ski Area on February 21st 2009. In short, Bogus Basin is a very nice ski area and I had a great time skiing there.

Bogus Basin Ski Video

Details of Video:
Where: Bogus Basin Ski Area near Boise, Idaho
When: February 21, 2009
Author/Photographer: Tim Bondy
Music: Josh Woodward /
Video Address:

The Decision
To be honest, I didn't decide until I turned the key in my car whether I would go to Bogus Basin or Soldier Mountain on this crystal clear Idaho day. As I backed out of the driveway at 7:45 AM I decided that Bogus was the destination. The drive to Bogus takes about 1 hour 30 minutes from Mountain Home in prefect weather conditions with dry roads. The roads are 100% paved and once you get through Boise, the ski area is easily found...ya can't miss it.

The Pro's
There are many good reasons to ski at Bogus Basin. The mountain is much bigger that I imagined. It's hard to get bored as skiing the same trail twice really isn't necessary for the intermediate skier. The views are quite enjoyable from almost any spot on the mountain. The workers at Bogus are Idaho Friendly and that says a lot for a big ski resort. At least on the day I was there, the longest liftline I encountered was less than 10 minutes but in most cases, I waited less than 2 minutes. The snow conditions were quite good considering we haven't had much snow in the last couple of weeks. The resort does a good job grooming most of the trails and leaving some with bumps and even some loose powdery coverage. Overall Bogus Basin is one of the best spots I have ever skied.

Confusing view of Bogus Basin Map

The Con's
As I said, Bogus Basin is one of the best ski resorts I have been to BUT. But there are some downsides to the area. I think the biggest drawback is for the newbie but semi experienced skier such as myself is the layout of the resort. It's quite confusing to figure out how to get to different portions of the ski area. I'm sure after skiing Bogus 3-4 times this drawback wouldn't be an issue but I did get confused trying to navigate from the backside (Pine Creek) to the front side. Another issue that I really didn't encounter would be the last 16 miles of roads getting to Bogus Basin. I'm guessing but after a heavy snowfall, I'd say the switchbacks leading to Bogus would be quite hard to navigate. Overall, I would go back to Bogus Basin for another great day for skiing any time.


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