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(19 April 2014)  My name is Tim Bondy and the owner of this website.  As of Jan 1st, 2014 we moved to a different domain.  Please head over to the Bondy Blogs Website at  Different address, different system but same type of great articles, photos, stories and information. 


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Updated on 19 April 2014:
  "CobWeb Marketing and much more" in Mountain Home, Idaho is open for business.  Our website is located at  We can help you with your everyday problems, work through tough solutions and get you back to what is important in your life.   We want to help! 

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Mountain Home Idaho Political News

About the Mountain Home and Idaho Political News section:
The political section of this website deals with the all important and sometimes controversial subject of politic, elections, voting and candidates.  I try to stay focused on the Mountain Home and Elmore County political news but I do stray to both State and Federal political news at times.


Congrats Councilman Urquidi and Schroeder But...

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It's official!  Geoff Schroeder and Rich Urquidi beat out Alain Issac for the two at-large seats on the Mountain Home City Council.  As the local newspaper seemed to indicate, we [the people] win no matter who gets elected for these city council seats?

Seems like just yesterday the Mountain Home News, which is our local newspaper was saying we need new blood on the City Council.  Oh...that might have been said in 2011 when I was running for a council seat and I was new blood.  But they didn't endorse me for some reason.  And 2 years later, the same folks are saying the old blood is a sure winner for everybody? 

Embarrassing but only about 43 650 people showed up for this election.  And why would, we the people, care who our next city councilpeople will be?  They don't do anything important other than guide where our city will be heading in the next year...or so.  So are, we the people, really winners no matter who become a city councilperson?  Maybe, but consider the following:

  • Mountain Home and Elmore County can again boast women have been purged from the Council/Commissioner ranks.
  • About the same amount/percentage of people voted in this election than volunteered to be infected with Hepatitis B at a recent gathering at a prison in Aleppo, Syria as reported by CNN.  Impressive!
  • This was the first time in the history modern politics where the total number of candidate campaign signs could be counted on 2 hands and one foot (15 if that was too complex for you).
  • Their agenda?  How about a candidate platform?  Or “what you got up your sleeve for the next 4 years” while helping govern the City of Mountain Home?  A website explaining any of this?  Nah...who needs any of that type of communication.

It all boils down to this!  The total amount of communication between candidates and the electorate was about 1.5 hours in a small meeting room at the library on an evening in mid-October.  I call that a big win for the people, don't you?


Mayor Issac Right Now or in 2 Years
The current lame duck Mayor, Tom Rist, has said he will not be running again, leaving his leather bound chair up for grabs in 2015.  Well, why not just appoint outgoing Mountain Home City Councilperson Alain Issac as the next future Mayor.  We'd save time, energy and the money it cost to hold an election.

I'm serious about this.  It's become abundantly clear we the people think we will be the big winners just because the local newspaper says so.  And for the record, I think Alain would make a very good elected Mayor if the 43 people voting in the next election agree. 

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:54

Quick Take on the Elmore County Political Forum

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So, there was a political forum hosted by the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce and the Elks Lodge on Tuesday May 1st, 2012.  The one glaring, blaring and deafening subject at this forum was TAXES.  With the exception of just a few candidates, they all want to cut your taxes and improve things in Elmore County and/or the State of Idaho. 

Please!  Stop the madness!  You can fool some of the people...Okay, explain to me how the hell you are going to cut taxes for everyone and improve programs like education or give incentives for companies to relocate to our neck of the woods with less and less money. 

In any case, I'll be posting a more in-depth review of this political forum in the coming days.  It won't be nice but it will be truthful.


Tim Bondy  
Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 20:21

And Then There Were 3 Candidates

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The Annual Mountain Home, Idaho Election Political Forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce was held on Wednesday October 9th, 2013.  And there are only 3 candidates for our local election for the 2 seats on the Mountain Home City Council.  They are:
-  Alain Isaac
-  Geoff Schroeder
-  Rick Urquidi

I was there and wanted to pass on some observations from this event.  So here goes...











1.  Not many people attended this event telling me the folks in Mountain Home are so darn knowledgeable about these 3 candidates for City Council they don't even have to hear from them.  But for me, this forum actually gave me the information to make a very hard choice on who I will likely vote for in this local election.  


2.  None of the candidates have a written nor formal verbal platform.  Or as they all said, “they don't have an agenda”.  No platform? No agenda? Hell, that usually means no votes from an educated electorate.

Seriously, the people who are going to be discussing and deciding where your tax dollars are headed and shape plans for the future of our City and they have no plans?  Winging it isn't usually a good idea and this issue concerns me greatly.  


3.  Only one candidate mentioned the “C” word.  Of course it was the only woman candidate that had the guts to blurt out the word “Communication”.  Look out Alain Isaac, the people may show up at your house with hot tar and feathers, you heretic, you. :-)  You got my vote for using the “C” word, Alain.


4.  The phrase “Quality of Life” was uttered many times during this forum.  It was used to explain why our property taxes are higher than in Boise.  Heck, if the Simplot nightmare scenario unfolds as a citizens told the story during this event, we will have Quality of Life and it will be all bad.  But only for those of us who have a nose or drink water.  Maybe a platform and a plan for the future really is important.


5  Economic Development was another buzz word.  Just what are the economic development plans for the City of Mountain Home?  Have these plans been “communicated” to the people?  Maybe the City could go out and actively recruit a sister industry to match our Elmore County plans of bringing in a slaughterhouse?


6.  Water.  While we are discussing economic development, no platform and quality of life we might as well throw unicorns and water into the mix.  Did I actually hear someone say our Mayor projects we have only 20 years left before our underground drinking water supplies runs out?  I think I heard that but someone will correct me if I am mistaken, I'm sure.

-  Anyone who doesn't thinks there is anything more important than water to this community should round up that herd of unicorns that drank all the water in the Mountain Home Reservoir this summer.











This political forum was highly informative and educational.  It is my hope that any likely voters who deliberately decided not to attend this event will do the right thing and stay out of the voting booth this November 5th, 2013.

This is my Life Off Interstate 84 in Mountain Home, Idaho



Last Updated on Thursday, 10 October 2013 09:31

Fort Boise? Can they all be Evil?

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They are evil. They are stupid. They are corrupt. They are not worthy. Or is the author blind with abnormal hate?

fort boise website is for the haters

The Fort Boise website is a left leaning personal blog out of Boise, Idaho. The author of this blog spends an inordinate amount of time trying to prove all conservatives and/or Republicans are lower than pond scum. My opinion? Blind with hate and doesn't have an iota of critical thinking ability left in his/her body. Basically Fort Boise is the Rush Limbaugh of the Boise Democratic Party.

Why Do I read the Fort Boise Blog?
I read many political blogs. It's good to see how each issue is handled by people of different (or the same) political persuasions. It's a good learning experience in that I get to see the important issues from all sides. Sides I might not have considered otherwise. But with the Republican Presidential nomination season in full swing, Fort Boise has been getting worse.

Some days I get a laugh out of the author's musings. Other days I get annoyed. But one thing is for sure. The Fort Boise author couldn't find one good thing to say about a Republican. I suspect that if Gandhi, Buddha and Mother Teresa were running for the GOP nomination, they too would be vilified, degraded and dismissed completely.

Give the Fort Boise Blog a Try
I recommend that everyone in the U.S. give Fort Boise a test drive. Read it daily for a week or 2 just to get a feel for the hate and uncommon sense the author spits out. Just like Rush Limbaugh, Fort Boise can change your mind on almost any political issue. I read what Fort Boise “thinks” and know being on the other side it the right thing to do.

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think about the hater known as Fort Boise. If you think I'm wrong, let me know. I'm reasonable and will listen to your ideas as long as they aren't taken to the extreme.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 January 2012 08:59

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