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You are here: Mtn Home Politics Mountain Home Political News The Review: Primary Political Forum on May 1st, 2012

The Review: Primary Political Forum on May 1st, 2012

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On May 1st, 2012 at 6:30PM there was a political forum in Mountain Home, Idaho put on by the Chamber of Commerce and our local Elks Lodge. I was there and if you weren't you should have been.

Elmore County Political Forum

Who Showed - The Mountain Home Primary Election Political Forum
My guess is there were about 125-200 citizens in attendance at this forum. There were exactly 14 candidates sitting at the table ready for some hard hitting questions from the general public.
  • Rich Wills, our State Representative, decided to attend but not face the public because “he is running unopposed” in the Primary and likely in the November election. I wouldn't call that cowardly...would you?

Candidates without websites lose

Websites for Platform?
From what I heard from most of the candidates last night, I was and wasn't impressed. Of course, 1 minute sound bites really don't give you enough info to determine if someone is electable in November. That's what websites are for unless the candidate is going to open a full time election office in town. But just in case “the people” want to know what your platform is or what you stand for, a website should actually be considered mandatory. I'll be compiling a list of candidate websites soon. If a candidate doesn't have an informative website before the elections, they will be ridiculed by me...seriously.

Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce website info

The Political Forum Advertising?
Just like a candidate must have a website, a full on advertising blitz needs to be attempted to get people involved in our political process and this forum. In short, if you are not part of the “in crowd” and/or missed the road signs, this political forum would have been a non-event.

The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce put this event on and their website was almost devoid of any information. Let me check my calendar....Yep, it's the year 2012 and most people have internet connections. I also saw nothing on Facebook, Twitter, the City or County website about this event. Come guys, a few lines on a few websites and “the people” have the opportunity to get a political education.  Maybe someone doesn't want that to happen?

Good questions at forum

Questions Were Good Except
I was impressed with the quality of the questions asked at this political forum. But I'm not going to dwell on the good. The bad is more telling when it comes to finding out what “the people” are thinking. And my favorite question was directed at the motley crew running for an Elmore County Commissioner seat.

“What can you do to encourage higher education to come to Elmore County” was the question. That certainly isn't a direct quote but it gets it into the ballpark.

So what's wrong with that question? Well, it shows a total lack of understanding of what our County Commissioners job is. You wasted my time by asking the question. No seriously, it was a really stupid question.

Elmore County has no plan
The Commissioner Hopefuls Have a Plan?
A question was asked of all candidates. It went something along the lines of “If elected, what do you think will be the biggest challenge you will face in the future”.
I believe most candidates for Commissioner answered something along the line of
“Expanding or creating new jobs and/or businesses in the county. And partnering with the Mountain Home Economic Development Department would be a good 1st step.”

While I agree with the sentiment and the idea, I'd like to know what direction Elmore County (and the City) wants to head in the future. I mean, we should already have a plan...a vision of what this county wants to become and be known for in 5, 10 and 25 years. But there is no published plan. The Economic Development Department, Elmore County and even the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce and the El-Wyhee Business Association have no plan.

The movers and shakers in this area “want and want and want some more” but have no plans to get to their unstated goal. And the people whose job it is to define and move towards that goal are missing in action. Hopefully the 2 newly elected county commissioners will actually develop a vision and start working to get there.

Who Did Well During the Forum

Tim Corder for Senate
  • Senator Tim Corder: Senator Corder was probably the most well spoken person at the forum. Obviously he isn't well liked by the Republican Party of Idaho right now. He's apparently not conservative enough for the normal Idahoan. But he seems to have common sense, good ideas and can back up what he says with information and sound reasoning. A trait lacking in other candidates.

Bill Chisholm for Idaho Senate
  • Independent District 23 Senatorial Candidate Bill Chisholm: While he won't be on the May 15th Primary ballot he has some good ideas and appears to “think outside of the box”. If Tim Corder doesn't win the Primary, Bill Chisholm will likely get my vote in November. He might even get my vote if Corder is on the November ballot.

Bundy for Representative in Idaho
  • Matthew Bundy is a Republican running for District 23 State Representative: He is a well spoken individual with some fresh new thinking and I think he needs to be considered as a strong and viable candidate. I also feel his opponents Millington and Nielsen are scared of this newcomer?

Bud Corbus for Elmore Conty Commissioner
  • Bud Corbus running for County Commissioner: A local businessman, entrepreneur, soft-spoken and common sense type of guy. He's the man for the job.

Who Bombed the Mountain Home Idaho Political Forum

Who Bombed the Forum
  • The 2nd Amendment Candidates: I believe Senator Brackett, Representative Nielsen and “County Commissioner hopeful Ireland” made the Second Amendment to the US Constitution an issue for this election. I'm trying to figure out where the 2nd Amendment comes into play for these elected officials? If these candidates would be honest with us they'd come right out and tell us they're using (pimping) the 2nd Amendment just to get your vote. Didn't work for lost my vote just for bringing the issue into play.

  • Senator Brackett Bombed: This guy isn't well spoken by any stretch of the imagination. But that's not a reason to discount him. His stand on the issues and his insinuation that opponent Sen Corder isn't “a conservative enough Republican” was more than enough to push him into the unelectable category. It's the “issues” that should and will get you votes. Seems Brackett's only issue was pimping the “military” with a military home owners tax exemption?

  • Representative Hopeful Pam Chiarella Sorta Bombed: Speaking style and incoherent message was a huge distraction for me. As the lone Democrat in this race...Pam could walk down the center of Mountain Home with six-guns hanging from her hips, a cold dead sage grouse clutched in her fist and a bloody mutilated wolf hide thrown over her shoulder and she'll still lose the election in November.

  • Representative Nielsen Bombed Too: Pete is a throw-back candidate. I suspect he'd be more relevant if the year was 1806 or maybe the McCarthyism era of the 1950's. This well spoken candidate needs to pass on the torch to someone a little more modern and in touch with the 21st century. Hopefully Pete wasn't clutching a copy of the US Constitution in his hand during this entire forum but I think he was.

  • Commissioner Hofer Bombed Big: Being a bad public speakers in acceptable. Being extremely shy is acceptable. But I don't believe Al Hofer uttered more than 50 total words during this forum. I am a firm believer in “actions speak louder than words”, but stringing together 3 sentences to answer relevant questions should be a prerequisite for the job.

Caveat For Bondyweb Thought Process
The US Constitution is a wonderful document. It is a great “source document” for making laws and the running our country. But make no mistake, if it's a document you must carry around with you and show off, then I'd have to say there is a problem. And if you must constantly affirm your faith in the 2nd Amendment, then maybe politics shouldn't be your career choice and you should consider a career in the firearms business. In other words, stop pimping our Constitution. It's not a political document so stop using it as such.



Comments (7)
  • Anonymous

    thank you Tim, nice presentation.

  • Anonymous

    the 5 year plan is mountain home air force base.
    10 year plan MHAFB
    15 year plan MHAFB
    There hasn't been a plan here in the 30+ years i have lived here other than save the MHAFB at all cost.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for doing your review on the Political forum at the Elk's. Just wanted to mention to you that there will be a candidate forum at the Mtn. Home Senior Center Monday evening at 6 p.m. Hopefully, a good crowd will attend with more good questions.
    Connie Cruser

  • Jimmy Schipani

    Tim it was great to see you there!

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    Jimmy Schipani: And it was good to see you and most of the Mountain Home City Council in attendance at this event. Will "the Council" attend the Senior Center forum on Monday May 7th????? Bet you are much more comfortable sitting on the audience side of the house at these events. I know I certainly enjoy it better.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    Connie Cruser: Thanks for the heads-up on the Senior Center Forum on Monday May 7th, 2012 at 6:00PM.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    To Anonymous: 30 + years and the only vision for Elmore County and the City of Mountain Home is to save "the base". Hopefully the local folks realize keeping the base open has very little to do with "them". Decisions and influence is at a much higher level. While I know there are a bunch of folks that would have Elmore County remain small and even shrink, the people of this county deserve a vibrant yet economy. Yep, I'm an outsider who shouldn't meddle (as I have been told and told and told) but I live here now and think new ideas and growth is a good thing.

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