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Hire Bondy in Mountain Home Idaho

(July 28th, 2013)  My name is Tim Bondy and I am looking for a part time job to supplement my military pension.  I would perfer employment as an independent worker.  Please see my  resume by clicking the link below.

Little Extra Cleaning and Care

Updated on Dec 6th, 2013:
  Little Extra Cleaning and Care is now open for business in Mountain Home.  I am a small, independent laborer working out of my home willing and qualified to help you get better organized, help in cleaning your home, business or that of a loved one.  Check out my website for more info at
You are here: My Resume
Tim Bondy's Professional Resume

Tim Bondy Resume

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Tim Bondy's Professional Resume

Last Updated: July 24th, 2013

Download My Resume in PDF format:  Prospective employers can download my resume by clicking here.

Why Hire a Vet? - Read an article from someone who knows:

1. Desired Employment Careers
-  Customer Service / Sales / Home Senior Care / Janitorial
-  Community Services / Marketing / Photography
-  Information Technologies and Computer Consulting
-  Web Design
-  E-Commerce solutions and design
-  Physical and Natural Sciences
-  Technical Writer
-  GIS and Cartography
-  Content Marketing / Social Media Relations

2. Preferred Locations
- Mountain Home, Idaho
- Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho
- Elmore County, Idaho

3. Experience/Accomplishments

-  Janitorial Services
Dates:  06/2013 - Present

Job Objective: Provide timely and expert janitorial and cleaning services for small businesses, local firms, building owners and private individuals.
Duties - Dusting, trash removal, cleaning all flat surfaces, general window cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen cleaning and sanitizing, recycling services, and special event services.  On-time, dependable, trustworthy and dedicated.

-  Senior Home Care Provider
Dates:  03/2013 - Present

Job Objective:  Provide dignified assistance to individuals to help them remain out of long-term care facilities like nursing and assisted living homes.
Duties -  Housekeeping tasks including cooking, cleaning, vacuuming and taking out the garbage.  Provide transportation to doctors' appointments, grocery shopping, local errands, church and social activities. Assist with daily personal care tasks including bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting.     Providing companionship through friendly social interaction.  Provide assistance in household activities such as decluttering, organizing and spring cleaning. 

-  CobWeb Marketing and much more
-  Crippled Frog Web Design - Co-Owner
Dates:  03/2001 – Current

Utilized CMS, CRM, e-Commerce/Online Shopping Cart and Groupware software as well as hand coded HTML techniques, creating highly usable, unique and visually appealing websites for a wide variety of customers. Developed and embedded Flash, JavaScript and multimedia components. Performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to aid customers in gaining and keeping visitors. Created full branding and marketing material suites. Upgraded, repaired and sanitized customer computers. Set-up, troubleshot and advised customers on local area networking procedures.

Current Website Design Portfolio:
-  “Yellow Bear Farm” in Beaufort, North Carolina:
-  “New Jersey Discus” tropical fish breeder in New Jersey:
-  “Johns Discus” tropical fish supplier out of Fremont, California:
-  “Bay Auto Sales” out of Bradenton, Florida:
-  “Florida Discus”:
-  “Stoecker Jewelers” in Mountain Home -
-  “Pitcrew BBQ” in Sarasota, Florida -  Catering service closed as of June 2013 due lack of time.
-  “Essential Survival Company and Shopping Cart” -
-  “North American Discus Association 2014 Discus Fish Show” -
-  “Brian Schad for Idaho” - Idaho Falls Area -
-  “Discover Elmore County, Idaho” -
-  “CobWeb Marketing in Mountain Home Idaho - Our #1 business website -
-  “Crippled Frog Designs” - Our other business website:

-  Auto Sales - Sales Consultant
Dates:  06/2012 - 09/2012

Determine customers vehicle needs and wants.  Recommend the most suitable vehicle.  Arrange test-drives.  Negotiate the sale price of vehicles, including any trade-in price for customers' old cars.  Work out finance arrangements, which may include cash payments or a car loan.  Highlight additional   products to customers such as accessories or after-sales service.  Complete paperwork and pre-delivery inspections.  Sales consultants in the automobile industry require a certain unique set of skills that can be hard to apply and live by. 

City Council Candidate from July 2011 - November 2011
- Stepped up to the plate by running for a seat on the Mountain Home City Council.
- Only candidate to have a public and open platform.
- Participated in 2 public political forums. Answered questions about my stance on a variety of pressing public and private issues.
- Participated in a political candidate radio interview answering questions about the Mountain Home City Council.
- Ran a clean and fair campaign and only candidate to spend zero dollars to get elected.
- Documented and submitted all local and State required campaign finance and organization paperwork.
- What the local Mountain Home Newspaper said about Candidate Bondy:  Click for Bondy_City-Council-Candidate-Article.pdf article.

P4 & P5 ACMI Computer Operator Technician from 08/2003 - 06/2011
Operated/Maintained specialized United States Air Force (USAF) owned GPS centric aircraft tracking and training video computer system known as the P5/ACMI Training System. System comprised of 35 individual computers, 367 ancillary/support equipment items and 48 Air System (AS) P5 tracking pods. Maintained accountability and records database for entire system. Developed and conducted individualized customer training sessions and semi-annual group training seminars. Performed equipment status reporting, as well as maintenance data collection/job documentation. Developed and enhanced interwoven customer relationships to deconflict all phases of highly dynamic daily mission profiles. Compiled information, digitally processed data, configured video briefing and presented in-depth review of F-15 flights. Researched, ordered and tracked items procured through the DoD supply channels. Maintained a DoD SECRET security clearance.

Download/ View Industry Explanation of the P5/ACMI System in PDF format by clicking here.

- Tracked, annotated and analyzed Air System tracking problem from Jan-Mar 2011. 22-31% of P5 Pod missions did not operate properly, severely degrading customers ability to debrief using ACMI.
-- Data collected pin-pointed air temperature/weather was main reason for degraded capabilities.
-- System manufacturer agreed with assessment. Permanent solution by contractor being worked.
- Averaged 99.7% “Computer System Up-Time” for entire system during my 8.75 year tenure. Standard is 97%.
- Tasked by Commander to refine mass debriefing training procedures. Developed and implemented changes that decreased debriefing time, increased visual acuity and enhanced overall training effectiveness.
-- Commander and customers extremely pleased with changes. Procedures benchmarked for all local customers.
- Conducted over 90 flight mission video debriefs for customer. Allowed all pilots to fully participate in the mission review.
- Faced with shift to shift and day to day ACMI equipment issuing problems, implemented new procedures.
-- Immediately solved longstanding communication problems.
- Trained over 100 individuals on ACMI Debrief System.
- Quickly diagnosed a computer motherboard to video connection problem prior to crucial joint USAF/US Navy fighter training mission debrief.
-- Swapped computer equipment. Applauded by Mission Commanders for quick work.

United States Air Force Meteorologist Journeyman Forecaster from 06/1982 – 03/2003
Observes, records, and disseminates weather data and information. Uses fixed and deployable meteorological sensors to measure and evaluate atmospheric and weather conditions. Uses satellite and radar imagery, computer generated graphics, and weather communication equipment and instruments to analyze atmospheric data and information. Forecasts atmospheric space weather conditions. Issues warnings and advisories to alert users to mission critical weather. Exploits weather analysis and data to enhance combat operations and training. Tailors and communicates weather information to meet operational requirements. Manages weather operations. Adapts weather resources to meet mission requirements. Ensures standardization and quality weather products, operations, and activities.

Download / View an in-depth explanation of the USAF Meteorologist "Journeyman Forecaster" in PDF format by clicking here.

- Developed high wind forecasting matrices for Montana ranges. By tracking atmospheric pressure changes between northern Alberta, Canada and Malmstrom AFB, winds <50 kts could be accurately forecasted 18 hours in advance.
-- Methodology accurate 78% of time after 4 years. Verified by study conducted by Air Force Weather.
- Accurately forecasted complex weather situation 17 hours in advance including 3 frontal passages, near record breaking temperatures and blizzard conditions. Issued and verified high wind warnings for winds gusts up to 95 kts with 6 hours leadtime.
-- Uncanny accuracy gave resource protection leaders time to tether aircraft and equipment, ensure snow removal crews were available and base personnel were aware of pending inclement weather.
-- Received Letter of Appreciation from Base Commander for Exception Weather Support.
- Changed weather observer procedures to increase accuracy of observations -- Received permission to use adjoining Galena, Alaska Air Traffic Control Tower to better view river fog conditions and advection of low cloud decks moving in from the north. -- Local general aviation company immediately impressed with accuracy of weather observation.
- Chosen as Chief, Weather Station Operation at Castle AFB, CA. Awarded Non-commioned Office of the Quarter twice in a 12 month period for excellence in mission support and pilot weather training program.
- Scientific and technical abilities led to being selected as Lead Weather Forecaster Trainer at Minot AFB. Developed robust atmospheric follow-on training program for all unit personnel.
-- Key ingredient in winning Air Force Weather's Williams Award for outstanding weather flight.
- Shift Leader of 5 person weather cell charged with remote weather support for locations in Southwest Asia including Afghanistan and Kuwait. Oversight of regional resource protection products, aviation forecasts and microscale pin-point special ground forecasts.
-- Supervisory and oversight techniques benchmarked for entire Weather Squadron.

4. Software Knowledge and Currency
Software Skill Level Years Used
MS Access Begin-Intermediate 8 Years
MS Word Expert 15 Years
MS Excel Expert 15 Years
MS Power Point Expert 12 Years
Adobe Dreamweaver Expert 11 Years
Adobe PhotoShop Intermediate 10 Years
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Intermediate 7 Years
Camtasia Studio Intermediate 3 Years
Power Director - Video Intermediate 6 Years
Mapping and GIS Related    
Google Earth and KML files creation Intermediate 7 Years
Quantum GIS Begin-Intermediate 2 Years
MapWindow Begin-Intermediate 3 Years
ESRI Shapefiles Begin-Intermediate 4 Years
TerraGo Toolbar Intermediate 2 Years
Content Management Systems    
Joomla Expert 8 Years
WordPress Expert 6 Years
Drupal Beginner 3 Years
Xoops Intermediate-Expert 9 Years
E-Commerce Solutions    
Zen Cart Intermediate-Expert 8 Years
Tomato Cart Intermediate 2 Years
OS Commerce Intermediate 4 Years

5. Professional Certifications
A+ Certification since June 1998

6. Recent Self Improvements
Educational Achievements / On-Line College Classes

- Economics 251 / Financial Theory / Yale University / July 2011 - Jan 2012 / Completed
- Geography C110 / Economic Geography of the Industrial World / UC Berkeley / July 2011 - Jan 2012 / Completed
- History 30626 / Medicine and Public Health in American History / Notre Dame / Nov 2011 - March 2012 / Completed
- Sociology 101 / Introduction to Sociology / New York University / Sept 2011 - March 2012 / Completed.
- Physics 200 / Fundamentals of Physics /  Yale University / December 2011 - June 2012 / Completed.

7. Education

Southwestern College:
Dates - 1978 through 1981
AA in Geography

Community College of the Air Force:
Dates - 1978 through 1981 - AA in Geography
64 Semester Hours in Meteorological Weather Technician
10 Semester Hours in Aircraft Maintenance
9 Semester Hours in Leadership and General
83 Total Semester Hours

University of Alaska – Fairbanks
Dates – 1992 through 1993
3 Semester Hours for Principles of Supervision

If you would like to contact me, please use the information found in my "Contact Us" link or call Tim at 2085980264.


Timothy Bondy
Mountain Home, Idaho
Comments (6)
  • Graybeard  - Outsiders steeling from us

    As a business owner we wont hire outsider likes you. You people thing you can move here and steel our jobs but we take care of are own.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin  - Dear Mr Graybeard

    Thanks for the comment graybeard. If I had a dollar for every time a local employers has said they only hire locals I'd have $9 in my pocket to buy something locally. Since I'm a 6 year "outsider" and no one in Mountain Home will hire "people like me", I guess that means no money will stay in the local economy? Interesting economic theory, isn't it? Please reconsider your outdated thinking and "locals only" hiring practices.

  • Graybeard

    Moron bundy you are very dence in the head. Us business owners dont want to change the way we do business. We are happy the way thinks are. Pack up and head out to the liberal side and useles part of Idaho so we dont have to see or hear or read about your type.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin

    Graybeard? Wow and more wow. You've left me speechless other than to say, your comments will stay on this page to remind me where outsiders stand in the Mountain Home job market.

  • beetdrum

    Graybeard is spot on Bundy. Many, many chamber members are like minded in that we will keep libs out of our stores, government and all business organizations. We don't need your kind in Mountain Home so get out of here now.

  • Tim Bondy the Admin  - beetdrum:

    #1 - My name is Bondy so please spell it correctly in the future if you don't mind.
    #2 - I refuse to believe many ,many chamber member think like you and Graybeard. While anecdotal evidence suggest you may be telling the truth, I have to believe way more shop owners in Mountain Home are fair, smart and hire the best over your criteria for hiring.
    #3 - I guess the only thing keeping me in Mountain Home is the horrible housing market. When I can get a fair price for my house I will consider moving. OTOH if you beetdrum want to buy my house I'll move away from here the day of closing.

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