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Hire Bondy in Mountain Home Idaho

(July 28th, 2013)  My name is Tim Bondy and I am looking for a part time job to supplement my military pension.  I would perfer employment as an independent worker.  Please see my  resume by clicking the link below.

Little Extra Cleaning and Care

Updated on Dec 6th, 2013:
  Little Extra Cleaning and Care is now open for business in Mountain Home.  I am a small, independent laborer working out of my home willing and qualified to help you get better organized, help in cleaning your home, business or that of a loved one.  Check out my website for more info at
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High Winds and Dust Video in Mountain Home, Idaho

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On Tuesday May 20th, 2008, Mountain Home, Idaho saw an extended period of high winds. The cause of these strong winds was a cold front moving through the area from Oregon. The main problem was the dense dust cloud and roof damage as winds in excess of 60 miles an hour were recorded in the Mountain Home area.

I took some pictures and a few video's from my backyard just before dinner. The pictures above is of a hill approximately ½ mile from my house. You can see how dusty it is in the top picture and then about an hour later the dust is gone.

This video shows just how windy it was on May 20th, 2008 in Mountain Home, Idaho. The video quality is terrible...sorry!


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